About Us

Thecalculator.co means a team of tech enthusiasts combined with creative ones and also the idealistic ones always researching about a better lifestyle and how to make our lives easier.

This means that we all combined carry years of expertise from fancy degrees in finance, math or sciences to rich life experience and a lot of idealism and romance when needed for entertaining tools concerning love and lifestyle.

We are all passionate about our work but also very pretentious so we try to keep things at a refreshingly clean standard that we hope you enjoy. At the same time we prefer our work to speak for us!

For now, we are working hard to bring this project higher and higher and we assure you, we will have little rest until we do so. And our ambitions are big!

We’re open to making new friends and to bringing enthusiastic people in our team along so don’t be shy and let’s have a talk. Here’s our Contact.