Latest published math calculators June 2015

Latest published math calculators June 2015

Here are the highlights from the latest math calculators published. We’ve covered a few math concepts like the arithmetic and geometric sequences, the statistical linear regression model and even economic equilibrium. 

Fibonacci calculator

  • figures the nth term (xn) in the sequence and the sum of the sequence with the help of the golden ratio;
  • you can easily understand the model with an example calculation.

Go to the Fibonacci calculator!

Linear regression calculator

  • discovers the intercept and slope;
  • draws the line of best fit and can be used with all kinds of data sets;
  • all the formulas used and extra explanations are below the form as well.

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Geometric sequence calculator

  • finds a specific number in a newly created geometric sequence according to your needs;
  • uses the scale number, common ratio and your choice of the nth number to find;
  • there is also more information and an example available.

Go to the Geometric sequence calculator!

Arithmetic sequence calculator

  • get your chosen nth number within an arithmetic sequence of your choice;
  • you need to specify the first number, the common difference or step and the order of the number you want;
  • there are also definitions, formulas and examples to consult after the form.

Go to the Arithmetic sequence calculator!

Covariance calculator

  • determines the covariance factor for two samples with variables x, y;
  • outlines the formulas used from simple means to sample and population covariance.

Go to the Covariance calculator!

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