Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to our Blog!

Welcome to the TheCalculator.co Blog, a page in which we aim to address various subjects for many of which we also created a series of calculators, generators, converters or translators.

Initiative came due to the necessity of providing a user friendly website with a clean, pleasing to the eye, airy interface that would make the browsing and calculating experience as pleasant as possible. All this in the remarkable space of the blog and the website we prepared for you.

The purpose of the Blog

... is to develop the subjects we identify that are of great interest, in a manner that is as unique as it is concise. The idea of the website came from the fact that we acknowledged that each of us wonders at least once a day of different things and many of these questions start with "How much.". And off we go on the road of discovering questions and then searching for their answers so we can deliver them to you in an easy to read but also complete and objective manner.

If each of our users finds at least one answer to a question he long had in mind, then this project has found its utility.

We are a young team 

... with many aspirations that we tried to put in practice within the content of TheCalculator.co. We hope that not only the information you will find on the website will make you come back again but also the design that is refreshingly clean. We just wanted to create a space that combines the utility of the many calculators and tools we developed with the simplicity of a design that will not tire or bore the users.

We are as pretentious as you are and so we try to update the site every time something new comes up, every time we discover something else to wonder about. And believe us, our minds like to wonder a lot :)!

What exactly do we offer you?

... free tools that you can use to calculate, generate, convert all sort of things and a blog in which we develop all sorts of general interest subjects. These are organized in 8 categories, ranging from health, lifestyle to math, where is very easy to browse through lists of the articles. If you are interested in something particular you can identify it easily with our advanced search bar.

We welcome criticism as long as it helps us:

  • be more useful than we were a second before;
  • be better than we proposed to be before;
  • be more concise and objective and not bore on any matter we discuss. The internet is already full of information, we aim to bring you to a place in which you will find the complete answer to your enquiry;
  • be better organized than the moment before;
  • reach more people with our information, day by day;
  • be more remarkable than we already are, day by day by enriching the content of the website to your suggestions.

How can we keep in touch?

... don't worry, our email address office[at]thecalculator[dot]co is free of spam and we are really looking forward to its inbox getting flooded with feedback from users. Praise or criticism there are all good as are a sign that you are there, our work has reached its destination. We are sure to try to answer each one of your emails.

If you don't fancy writing letters we can be friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and on Pinterest. They were the first ones to know about us, we are there, too, waiting for your feedback.

We are also very curious and active so when we finish reading, answering e-mails and making friends on social networks we are sure to be found on the comment sections of our articles, ready to interact with you.

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