Editorial policy

We take our work very seriously and we try to be as attentive as possible with the accuracy of any piece of information you retrieve on the website.

All the calculators and other tools on the website are thoroughly audited to ensure they offer the right expected results in all the situations they could be applied in. This is quite a lot of work as you can imagine but this is our passion and we’re proud to work on it.

All the information underneath the forms is neatly researched and we only try to highlight exactly the things you might need on the subject presented, another great deal of work to offer our users a space that they can refer to.

But as we are all human and make mistakes, unfortunately at times we have caught some errors. Some we spotted on our own while others with the help of our very careful users.

So we make another appeal to you, that in case you spot any kind of mistake, from typos, spelling, and grammar errors to serious inadvertences or in case any of the calculators decides to take a holiday on their own, please let us know through our Contact form and will surely correct it immediately.

  • June 16th 2015 – In Qtc Calculator, update of the Hodges's Qtc formula within the calculator and the correction of the example calculation in the text;
  • June 4th 2015 – In Qtc Calculator, the author name of the Qtc formula "Bazzer's" was corrected into "Bazett's";
  • March 15th 2015 – In Temperature converter, the table should have stated that: [°R]=([°C]+273.15)x9/5;
  • January 7th 2015 – In Friendship calculator text, the quote: "I don't need a friend who changes when I change and who nods when I nod; my shadow does that much better" is attributed to Plutarch;
  • December 23rd 2014 – In Mortgage Payoff Calculator, heading: “Other things to consider when paying early your mortgage” should have stated: “Check in your mortgage deal contract whether you have to pay or not some charges or fees in case of overpaying your principal. In many cases lenders allow debtors overpay up to 10% a year without penalties;
  • November 30th 2014 – In BMI Calculator, heading “Body mass index interpretation” should have stated that “the normal healthy range is considered to be between 18.5 and 25”;
  • October 2nd 2014 – In Write out Number Converter, it should have stated “in most cases, two-word numbers should be expressed in figures, as it is more complicated both to write and read twenty-seven instead of 27.