This commission calculator estimates how much you will earn from a sale by considering the total sales revenue and the commission percentage. There is in depth information on how to approximate this figure below the form.

Commission percent:*
Amount for Sale 1:*
Amount for Sale 2:
Amount for Sale 3:

How does this commission calculator work?

The algorithm behind this commission calculator applies the formulas explained below while is taking account of these variables that should be provided:

  • Commission level (CP) expressed as a percent from the sales made;
  • Amount of each sale (SA1 …San) included in the calculation. As it can be observed this tool is flexible as it allows as many sales by case by simply pressing “+ 1 Sale” button.


  • Total Sales Value = SA1 + SA2 + SA3 + …+ SAn
  • Estimated commission earned = Total Sales Value * CP * 0.01

What is a commission?

In business, a commission usually expressed a proportion from a sales value represents an incentive a sales entity (physical or juridical) gets from another party, as a result of selling certain goods of services of the another party.

Usually commission is either established in direct relation with a quantity or with certain sales revenue generated.

It is a very used scheme or incentivising real estate agents, retailers, merchandisers and similar workers.

Example of a calculation

Let’s consider that a sales agent negotiated to receive 1% commission for every sale of a real estate property he makes in the name of a residential company. Considering that in March 2015 he manages to sell the following properties let’s assume how much does him get at the end of the month:

  • One apartment sold at $100,000
  • One house sold at $250,000
  • One penthouse sold at $300,000


Total Sales Value = $700,000.00

Commission value = $7,000.00

03 Mar, 2015