This GST calculator estimates the goods and services tax from a specific money amount (add or exclude) either for Australia, New Zealand or any listed country. Everything there is to know on this is explained below the form.


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What is GST?

GST is the abbreviation from Goods and Services Tax which is a value added tax that is applied on transactions in a lot of countries around the world such as Australia, Canada or India. This tax percentage is subject to each country national tax and fiscal systems.  For instance in Australia as per today (2015) the GST level is 10%.

How to calculate GST?

Our GST calculator is a complete form as it allows you perform two types of calculations:

  • Adding GST to a specific money amount (representing the value of the items to which the rate is applied).
    The formula for adding this tax to a specific net amount is very easy: all you have to do is multiply the net amount by (1 + GST percentage). For example multiply by 1.05 if the given rate is 5% and this way you will find the gross amount (the gross amount includes the good and services tax value). In order to get directly the tax amount you should multiply the net amount (initial value) by tax percent.
  • Excluding GST from a certain gross amount:
    The formula for excluding the tax from a specific gross can be performed in few steps: first is that you should divide the gross amount by (1 + GST rate), this way you obtain the net amount. Once the net value is estimated, the second step requires you to subtract the gross by the net calculated previously and this way you will find the GST absolute value. For example if tax rate is 5% you should divide the gross by 1.05, then subtract the gross by the net that was obtained one step before.

Example of a result

In case of adding a 10% to $1,000 you will receive:

GST: 100.00

NET: 1,000.00

GROSS: 1,100.00

While in case of excluding 10% from $1,000 you will find:

GST: 90.91

NET: 909.09

GROSS: 1,000.00

GST rate in Australia

This tax was introduced in Australia on July 1st, 2000 and as per 2015 the level is 10%. It is applied on the supply of most goods and services and it is paid by entities registered for this tax.

There are few Australian supplies that are GST-free, for instance foodstuffs suppliers or medical services. The ones that that are obliged to register this tax rate should add it in the sale price of their items.

The functioning principle of this tax is quite similar to the VAT tax applicable within the European countries. You may also be interested in our VAT calculator.

18 Dec, 2014