This APFT calculator helps with the Army Physical Fitness Test used in the US to test the muscular strength and endurance of soldiers through 3 events. Read more on this subject below the form.


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How does this APFT calculator work?

This is a tool designed to help with the Army Physical Fitness Test used in the U.S. to test the muscular strength and endurance of soldiers. This APFT calculator uses the common database to analyze the performance in the three events of the test, push ups, sit ups and the time in the 2 mile run. Each of the three events is scored ranging from 0 to 100 so the total score will be somewhere between 0 and 300.

You are asked to input your gender, age and the values you obtained in the three events at the test and the result will tell you whether you have passed or failed the standard. You can use the calculator to try as many combinations as you like with the different variables used.

What is APFT?

It represents the Army Physical Fitness Test which is a commonly used method in the U.S. Army to test the endurance, strength and general cardiovascular fitness of soldiers. The APFT is required at least twice a year for all active and reserve component soldiers. It consists of three activities that are assessed separately and which will then add up to form a total score.

The three events consist of push ups, sit ups and running 2 miles. This is a test that has been used for over 30 years and was made to assess the overall fitness without the necessity of extensive training. Recently there have been discussions whether this test is actual anymore and whether it should be adapted to more actual demands and even to be made gender neutral. The new test might include a shuttle run event and long jump event.

APFT Scores:

Each of the three events has a maximum of 100 and the scores are listed in databases that are gender and age differentiated. There are ten age groups: before 21, 21-26, 27-31, 32-36, 37-41, 42-51, 52- 56, 57-61 and over 62.

The minimum score needed to pass the APFT is 60 in each of the three events. The total score to pass APFT is 240 while the maximum possible to be scored is 300.

Example calculation and interpretation

For a male aged 34 with 65 push ups, 50 sit ups and 14minutes and 20 seconds at the 2mile run, the result is:

Push ups score = 87 out of 100;

Sit ups score = 66 out of 100;

2 Mile run score = 90 out of 100;

Total APFT score = 242 out of 300;

Test Passed!


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20 Jan, 2015