This activity points calculator can help you see how many points you earn when you exercise by following a WW weight loss plan, no matter if you use the new points plus or old points system. Below the tool you can find more information on this topic.

Your weight:*
Exercise time duration:*
Exercise level:*
Points plan:*

How does this WW activity points calculator work?

This is a health tool designed to help you be in control of the points you earn with your plan by considering the following data that should be provided:

Your weight either in lbs or kg.

■ Exercise duration time expressed in minutes.

■ Exercise level which can be Low, Moderate or High. In regard of the intensity of the exercises you perform, these levels can be identified as detailed below:

- Low level is considered when you stay active as normal and even when you breathe without sweating.
- Moderate is when you have a deep breathing and sweating after 10 minutes of exercise.
- High refers to the situation in which you have a heavy breathing and sweating after up to 5 minutes of exercise.

Usually people have difficulties in identifying correctly the exercise level during the workout time thus here you can find few guidelines:

- A low level means when you can stay active as usual with no difficulty in breathing and without sweating. For instance when you can continue unimpeded talking to people around you it is supposed to be a low intensity level.
- Any workout level that after 10 minutes causes sweat and deep breathing is considered medium, which may translate into having some difficulties in speaking without interruption due to a deep breathing.
- In case of a high exercise level after 3 to 5 minutes you have a heavy breathing and sweating and this should be a level easy to acknowledge.

■ Points plan type you prefer which can be either Points Plus (added) or Original Points.

The formula behind the algorithm of this activity points calculator is explained here:

Activity points = W (Weight) * T (Exercise duration) * F (Factor)


W – weight should be in pounds. In case the weight is specified in kilograms it is converted by this rate: 1kg = 2.20462lbs.

T – exercise duration time in minutes.

F – factor that  depends on the Points plan type and on the Exercise level as presented here:

- For points plus:
Low = 0.0003300
Moderate = 0.0004700
High = 0.0011700
- For original points:
Low = 0.0002332
Moderate = 0.0003270
High = 0.0008077

13 May, 2015