This basic calorie burn calculator can tell you how many calories you waste doing various physical activities in the amount of time you want to test. Discover below the form the list of activities that appear in the form as well as what are calories and how many you need to burn to lose one pound of weight.

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How does the basic calorie burn calculator work?

This useful tool estimates the number of calories you burn while doing a series of activities from walking to gymnastics and many more. In order to receive a personalized determination that takes account of your body mass and of the time you spend doing the activity, you will need to input your weight in either kg or lbs and to add the minutes of activity. As an advice, you can put 30 minutes and see how many calories does a half an hour of work burn.

This basic calorie burn calculator works as a counter for a variety of activities and the ones you will receive in your result are put in the following table:

Aerobics: high impact Circuit Training: general House cleaning
Aerobics: low impact Cycling Ice Skating
Aerobics: water Football: competitive Martial Arts
Basketball Football: touch, flag, general Racquetball
Beach volleyball Frisbee Rock Climbing
Bicycling: 12-13.9 mph Gardening Rollerblade Skating
Bicycling: 14-15.9 mph Golf Rope Jumping
Bicycling: BMX or mountain Gymnastics Running (cross-country)
Boxing Handball Sex
Children's Games Hiking Shoveling snow
Chopping & Splitting Wood Horseback Riding Skiing (cross-country)
Skiing (downhill) Tennis Water Polo
Stair Step Machine Volleyball Water Skiing
Swimming Walking Weight Lifting: general

Please note that this calculation cannot replace a professional medical advice because the results are for illustrative purposes. In this respect if you are planning an aggressive fitness program, better consult a doctor in advance.       

What are calories? 

Calories measure the energy our body needs to function properly. Human body needs an optimal amount of daily calories to be burned this amount depends on the weight, height, daily activities and many other factors. The calorie sources for our bodies come from what we eat and what we drink. Besides having diet plan which means to have a proper daily nutrition, the balance between the calories burned and the calories taken from food and drinks should be carefully managed.

How to burn calories? 

If you are wondering how to burn calories, the answer is easy: just be alive, walk, run, make some sports, be active! The more calories you need to burn, the more you will probably need to do more activities. How many calories to burn one pound? In order to lose one pound of weight you have to burn around 3,500 calories.

Example calculation and result

These are some of the values given in the result while employing one of the measurement tabs.

A) By using the English tab, results for a person weighing 128 lbs aiming to exercise for 30 minutes:

Activity Calories per 30 min
Basketball 246
Bicycling: BMX 261
Children's Games 154
Football: competitive 276
Gardening 138
Gymnastics 123
Horseback Riding 123
Racquetball 307
Rock Climbing 338
Skiing (downhill) 184
Stair Step Machine 184
Tennis 215
Volleyball 92
Walking 123

B) By using the Metric tab, results for a person weighing 78 kg aiming to exercise for 20 minutes:

Activity Calories per 20 min
Aerobics: low impact 137
Bicycling: 12-13.9 mph 200
Boxing 225
Cycling 175
Frisbee 75
Gardening 112
Golf 137
Gymnastics 100
Housecleaning 87
Racquetball 250
Rollerblade Skating 175
Swimming 150
Tennis 175
Walking 100


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02 Dec, 2014