This Carboplatin AUC calculator determines the total dosage in mg based on the estimated creatinine clearance and target AUC plus the ideal body weight. There is in depth information on this subject below the form.

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How does this Carboplatin AUC calculator work?

This is a health tool that allows you to compute the total Carboplatin dose in mg based on the estimated creatinine clearance level from the Cockcroft Gault equation and on the targeted AUC value.

There are fields that you need to complete for the results to be consistent such as the gender, age, weight and height in either metric or English measurements and the serum creatinine level either in mg/dL or µmol/L.

This Carboplatin AUC calculator will then retrieve you some useful indicators about the kidney function, the GFR value, the ideal weight and the total dosage required in the used case.

Where needed the results will be converted in both types of units for your convenience, for instance at ideal weight by Devine’s formula (from kg to lbs using 1 kg = 2.20462262 lbs). Here are the formulas that use your data:

■ If the serum creatinine is expressed in mg/dL Cockcroft and Gault equation is:

CrCl for male = [(140 - age) * Weight in kilograms] / (Serum Creatinine in mg/dL * 72) 

CrCl for female = [(140 - age) * Weight in kilograms * 0.85] / (Serum Creatinine in mg/dL * 72)

■ If the serum creatinine is expressed in µmol/L then:

CrCl for male = [(140 - age) * Weight in kilograms * 1.23] / (Serum Creatinine in µmol/L)  

CrCl for female = [(140 - age) * Weight in kilograms * 1.04] / (Serum Creatinine in µmol/L)

■ The calculation of the ideal body weight by Devine’s formula:

Male = 50 kg + (2.3 * (Height in inches - 60))

Female = 45.5 kg + (2.3 * (Height in inches - 60))

 Carboplatin dose based on the Calvert formula is:

Dosage = Target AUC x (GFR + 25)

Carboplatin and target AUC

The carboplatin dosage value is calculated by taking into account the target area concentration versus time curve and estimated GFR. This is said to be a more specific method than that of dosing based on body surface area.

Target AUC usually has values around 4-7 mg/ml/min in clinical practice for already treated patients but for those without previous chemotherapy sessions the target should revolve around 6-8 mg/ml/min.

When using the creatinine clearance estimation there is also the consideration to be made that fluctuant serum creatinine values should not be taken in consideration because they don’t provide reliable results employed later in estimating GFR and in the Calvert formula.


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01 Apr, 2015