This oxygen content calculator determines arterial oxygen both bound unbound based on hemoglobin levels, O2 saturation and pressure in the arteries. There is in depth information about the formula employed below the form.

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How does this oxygen content calculator work?

This is a health tool anyone can use to determine arterial blood oxygen content based on the hemoglobin value in g/dL, mmol/L or other units, the percentage of Hb oxygen saturation and the arterial oxygen pressure in mmHg, cmH2O or other units.

Once the three fields are completed and the measurements selected the oxygen content calculator will return the content value in ml O2/100ml. The oxygen content reflected by the above formula is a measure of the oxygen in 100ml of blood both bound or unbound by hemoglobin. It reflects the uncombined part of oxygen which can become of interest at high values of PaO2 or in anemia cases.

The form is based on the following formulas and determinations.

Arterial Oxygen Content=[Hb (mg/dL) x 1.36 x SaO2 (%)/100] + (0.0031 x PaO2(mmHg))


Hb - Hemoglobin determination where normal values are considered between 13.5- 18 g/dL for men and 11.5- 16.5 g/dL for women.

SaO2 - hemoglobin saturation in oxygen as a percentage with normal values ranging between 93 and 100.

PaO2 - arterial pressure of oxygen with a normal range between 75 and 100 mmHg or 11-13 kPa.

Example calculation

Hemoglobin: 14 g/dL

Oxygen saturation: 95 %

Arterial oxygen pressure: 88 mmHg

Result: The arterial blood oxygen content is 18.4 ml O2/100ml.


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30 Mar, 2015