This 1 rep max calculator can help you find out how much you can lift in a single repetition which is your bench press or 1RM value. Read more on this subject below the form.

Weight lifted:
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How does this 1 rep max calculator work?

This tool is designed tocalculate the approximate 1 rep max (one repetition maximum or 1RM) and might came in handy in weight training when somebody wants to calculate the one rep maximum which is the amount of weight one person can lift in a single repetition.

One rep maximum is important because by knowing the 1 rep max the weight trainers can estimate the maximum strength of a sportive. It estimates this value by taking account of the weight lifted and the number of repetitions made.

This 1 rep max calculator is a complex tool that allows one rep max calculation by 7 different formulas that are listed below:

1. Brzycki:

How Much Do I...

2. Epley:

How Much Do I...

3. Lander:

How Much Do I...

4. Lombardi:

How Much Do I...

5. Mayhew:

How Much Do I...

6. O'Conner:

How Much Do I...

7. Wathan:

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Example of results by two formulas

  • Calculating bench press by Mayhew formula for weight lifted = 60lbs with 4 repetitions, theresult is ~ 1 Rep Max for Bench Press: 69.91 lbs
  • Calculating bench press by O'Conner formula for weight lifted = 60lbs with 4 repetitions, theresult is ~ 1 Rep Max for Bench Press: 66.00 lbs

Did you know that…

  • lifters do between 7 and 12 repetitions and 3 to 6 sets?
  • benches are made for people around 6 feet tall?
  • to tone your triceps you need to make your grip smaller?
  • usually there is a dominant arm and a weaker side?

18 Mar, 2015