This Body Mass Index calculator estimates your BMI value, range and healthy weight through five different ideal body weight formulas. Read below about BMI formulas and ideal weight formulas and what you can do with them in order to establish the right weight range for your height.

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How does this body mass index calculator work?

The health tool can determine your BMI value and the other weight estimates whether you input your data in metric or English measurements. You are going to be asked to input your age, gender, height and weight but also your country. The last info in the body mass index calculator will give you an idea of the statistical average body mass index in your country. Just input the data required then by simply pressing the “Calculate” button you can find your body mass index.

What is the BMI formula?

BMI which comes from Body Mass Index is a popular body shape indicator that many people use when speaking about their ideal weight. This body health indicator is not a measure of body fat but offers a rough image of how far or close somebody is to the ideal body weight

Body Mass Index in English units = mass (lbs) / [height (in)^2] * 703.06957964

Body Mass Index in Metric units = mass (kg) / [height (m)^2]

How about ideal weight?

Ideal body weight is considered to be a healthy level of the body’s weight. There is no 100% accurate equation than can estimate ideal body weight, the formulas released so far provide an approximate value. The form above uses the five ideal weight formulas which were released by scientists such as J.D. Robinson and D.R. Miller in 1983, B.J. Devine in 1974, G.J. Hamwi in 1964.

Example weight calculation and results:

For a 33 year old female in the US, weighing 145 lbs at a height of 5 feet 3 inches the calculator will return:

  • Your BMI is 25.7;
  • Your BMI category is: Overweight;
  • In United States the average BMI (no gender specific) is: 27.82;
  • In United States the average BMI for female is: 27;
  • Your BMI is below the average BMI for female in your country;
  • By using Miller’s formula (1983), your ideal weight is 126.1 lbs;
  • By using Robinson’s formula (1983), your ideal weight is 119.3 lbs;
  • By using Devine’s formula (1974), your ideal weight is 115.5 lbs;
  • By using Hamwi’s formula (1964), your ideal weight is 114.9 lbs;
  • Your recommended weight, based on the healthy BMI recommendation is between 104.4 lbs and 141.1 lbs.

17 Mar, 2015