This bra size calculator helps you determine your real size and the right measurement for your bust so you can find your perfect bra fit. Read more on the importance of bra fitting and how to take the measures below the form.

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Band Size Measurement * 
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How does this bra size calculator?

For women all over the world choosing the correct bra size can be difficult because every pair of breasts is different and also because many of the bra manufacturers use their own type of measurement. This simple tool will help you learn how to measure the bra size. You will then have to enter the band size and bust size, two measurements you can easily take with a tape measure by following the instructions below.

Example result:

“Your Bra Size is 65H UE or 30H US.”

What are bra sizes?

These values consist of a number and one or more letters indicating the band and breast cup size. This method of measurement became popular in the 1940s and since then each manufacturer has adapted it for its products. But women's bodies are unique and different and many of them have a difficult time finding the proper size. It is said that up to 80% of women wear the wrong size and this can lead to pain of one kind or another.

It is always a good idea to have the bra size measured by a professional bra fitter but if this is not possible this can be done by you at home. Simply as that you will no longer wonder what size you are, each and every time you are to buy a bra. The best advice to follow is not only to know what size you are searching for but also try any bra before buying it to make sure you are fully comfortable with it.

How to measure band size?

Run a tape measure around your body trying to keep it horizontal, just underneath your breasts, keeping your arms down. Write this number down.

1inch = 2.54 cm

How to measure bust size?

Bend over so that your bust is parallel to the ground and apply the tape measure at the point where your breast protrudes the most outward, around your torso. Make sure the tape is placed straight and not too tight or too loose. Write this number down too.

To find out your bra size you'll need to find out the difference between the two numbers by subtracting the band measurement from the bust measurement.

Standard Cup Size depending on the difference:

less than 1 inch = AA;

1 inch = A;

2 inches = B;

3 inches = C;

4 inches = D;

5 inches = DD/E;

6 inches = DDD/F;

7 inches = DDDD/G;

8 inches = H;

9 inches = I;

10 inches = J;

13 Dec, 2014