This bra size converter helps you find your way in the international bra sizing system so you can shop from wherever for the same lingerie size you are used to. Read more on these kinds of conversions and their implications below the form.

How does this bra size converter work?

This is a tool that can be used by any woman who already knows her right bra size and who wants to be able to shop for lingerie from producers worldwide. The first thing you need to acknowledge in this situation is that there are different international codes used. You can use the bra size converter to convert between the US, UK, European, French/ Spanish, Australian, Italian and Japanese bra sizes. All you have to do is select the system want to start from and then you will be displayed all the other related bra sizes.

Example result:

In case of converting from a US 30B you will receive:

30B 30B 65B 8B 80B 0B 65B

Bra sizes

These usually consist of a number, indicating the band size and one or more letters that indicate the cup size. This system became popular in the 1940s after S.H.Camp and Company first introduced the letters to indicate breast size in 1932.

There are three places to measure the diameters of the torso. Over the breast, breast level and under the breast. The measure took under the breast represents the band size and the one took at the breast level represents the cup size. Most important is to keep in mind that each woman’s body is different and although manufacturers try to address to as many persons as possible it's essential for each woman to know exactly what she needs.

The Codes used

US = USA, UK = United Kingdom, EU = Europe , AU = Australia (also used in New Zealand), FR = France (also used in Spain and Belgium), IT = Italy (also used in Czech Republic), JP = Japan

Bra labeling can be sometimes confusing especially when there are different countries involved. Although most of them use the band size measurement system and lettered cup sizes there are still important differences.

The UK uses the inch measurement, the standard band sizes are 28-30-32-34-36-38-40-42-44, and so on and the cup sizes: AA-A-B-C-D-DD-E-F-FF-G-GG-H-HH-J-JJ-K-KK-L Australia and New Zealand use a permutation of the UK system. Cup sizes are the same, but Australia's bra band measurement system is based on dress sizing charts. The US and Canada use the inch system, Band sizes use the same designation in inches and the cups also increase by 1-inch-steps.

In Europe, the band size is measured in centimeters and rounded to the nearest multiple of 5 cm. The cup sizes increase in steps of 2 cm instead of 1 inch (2,5cm).Japanese sizes are the same as European ones, but the cup usually precedes the bust designation. The French and Spanish system is a permutation of the European sizing system. The band sizes are 15 cm larger than the European band sizes. However, no matter if you want to purchase a bra sized in Europe, US or any other place, you should know how to apply the bra size conversion and also make sure the bra is the right size for your body shape and feels comfortable enough.

12 Dec, 2014