This death calculator is designed as a death clock based on the average life expectancy for each country and gender specific. Read more on this topic below the form.

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How does this death calculator work?

First of all the above tool is meant to be a death clock designed to make people enjoy their time and their life even more. It is based on the average life expectancy for each country - gender specific, as well as on few general conditions meaning health conditions and life standards that finally have an impact on our time presence on Earth.

The death calculator was designed for entertainment purposes ONLY and not to influence people in any negative way. It takes account of the following data that should be provided:

- Date of birth;

- Gender;

- Country;

- Smoking status;

- Any heart disease status;

- Sleeping well status;

- Drinking alcohol status;

- Other major diseases status;

- Lifestyle status;

- Personality.

By taking account of the data provided it adds to your birth date the average life expectancy and then by case computes your life conditions in order to present the following results:

- a presumably death date with no scientific proof;

- a death clock showing how much time you have left expressed as a countdown. The death clock presents the time left in different time measurements. That means the death can be either considered as a death clock in months, in weeks, in days, in hours, in minutes and even a in seconds.

Example of a result:

Let’s take for instance the case of a male born on June 15 1980, from UK, he is a smoker but has no heart disease and no other major disease, he sleeps well and often drinks alcohol. He rates his stress level to average stress and he is usually an optimist.

The result for our case is:

This funny death calculator knows that this is kind of creepy and might come as a surprise for you but based on the average life expectancy for your country and on your general status specified, you’re probably going to die on: Friday, September 8, 2062.

The death clock shows that you are going to die in about: 47 Years, 5 Months, 25 Days, 5 Hours, 13 Minutes, 36 Seconds

When will I die?

This is one of the hardest questions to answer and we all ask ourselves that at least one time in life. It is hard to answer because there are so many hazards that nobody can answer exactly when will that moment be. It is hard to answer because it depends on that many factors than nobody can predict.  What is sure is that the more often you ask "When will I die?" the more emphasizes that you are too worried about that moment.

Many people ask that because nobody came back after this experience so that everybody is curious what is next to death? The fun tool above uses a funny yet precise formula to answer to the question of When will I die, but there is no guarantee for the results it returns.

Please remember that the death calculator does not have any accuracy and is designed to entertain you. The main idea is that the more you enjoy your life and take care of you, the more time will be added to the death clock which means living longer than the average does.

18 Mar, 2015