This energy consumption calculator can help you estimate the electrical power consumption per day, month and year per each typical appliance in your household.

Appliance type:*
Power consumption:*
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How does this energy consumption calculator work?

In order to estimate how much energy is consumed in your household and check whether you stay within your budget with your monthly expenses the following 3 figures should be provided:

■ What are the appliance types that are used in your household?

■ The power consumption per each appliance type.

■ Hours of use per day which is the estimated time the appliance is used.

To simplify your mission this energy consumption calculator has incorporated a predefined list with appliances and each one has by default an average power consumption value in watts that can be edited whenever needed, as detailed below:

Appliance type Power consumption in watts
100 watt incandescent bulb 100
Air Conditioner for Room 1100
Blender 300
Central Air Conditioner 5000
Clothes Dryer 3200
Clothes iron 2300
Coffee Machine 1500
Desktop computer 100
Dishwasher 1600
Electric kettle 2000
Fan 70
Hair Dryer 1500
Heater 2000
Laptop 60
LCD TV 200
Microwave 900
Oven 3000
Plasma TV 300
Refrigerator 250
Shaver 15
Standard TV 150
Stereo receiver 190
Toaster oven 1000
Vacuum cleaner 1200
Video Game Player 195
Washing machine 2000
Water heater 3800
Other Any custom value

For more flexibility, by choosing the “Other” option from the appliance list you can input any custom power consumption, while there are two measurements units available: watts (w) and kilowatts KW.

The formulas described below are used:

■ In case the power consumption is expressed in watts (W) the energy consumed per day is:

EC(kWh/day) = P(W) * T(h/day) / 1000(W/kW)

■ When the power consumption is measured in kilowatts (KW) the energy consumed per day is:

EC(kWh/day) = P(W) * T(h/day)

The results displayed consist not only in the daily energy consumption figure, but also the total energy consumption per month, respectively year which are obtained this way:

ECper month = ECday * 30

ECper year = ECday * 365


P = power consumption

T = Hours of use per day

13 Aug, 2015