This European size conversion allows you to make clothing size conversions for different types of clothes for women or men in US, UK Europe or even Japan. You can read more about this convertor below the form.

Size system:*

How does this European size conversion work?

This is a great lifestyle tool you can use whenever you are shopping online for clothes or when you go abroad and plan to buy something but you don’t know the dimensions used. These can be quite complicated at times, especially doing the Europe to US or UK conversions.

This is why the European size conversion has thought of your struggles and helps you determine all the measurements you might need in the United States, the United Kingdom, all over Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan. And because we want you to customize your input you can also choose from the type of clothes you want sizes for, depending on your gender. Therefore ladies will have to decide between dresses, blouses/sweaters, bottoms or shoes while gentlemen from suit/coats, shirts, t-shirts, hats and shoes. Once you fill in the 4 fields you will receive a table will all the necessary conversion for your values so you are ready to continue shopping or get an idea what you should expect.

Do you know what EN13402 stands for?

This is the European standard for labeling clothes sizes and uses body and product dimensions plus an ad hoc size as a number or code.

Do you know which are the body dimensions used when assigning clothing sizes? These are called girths and are taken at the following levels: head, neck, chest, bust, underbust, waist, hip and of course the height and some lengths such as leg, arm or foot. So if it were for you to try and find the perfect measurements for you then you would have to take account of all these. Any clothing item takes account of at least one of these measurements. In the table below you will find some examples and their guidelines.

Clothing item Men Women Boys Girls
Suit Height, chest, waist  and leg length Height, bust and hip Height and chest Height and bust
Pants Height, waist  and leg length Height, waist  and leg length Height and waist Height and waist
Skirt - Height, waist and hip - Height and waist
Shirt/Blouse Height, neck girth and arm length Height and bust girth Height and neck girth Height and bust girth
Dress - Bust, waist and hip - Height and bust
Jacket Height, chest and waist Height, bust and hip Height and chest Height and bust

Clothing letter codes

The following table presents you with the letter sizes for clothes and their meaning plus the corresponding dimensions in cm of the range for chest girth for men and bust girth for women.

Letter Definition Men Women
XXS extra extra small 70-78 66-74
XS extra small 78-86 74-82
S small 86-94 82-90
M medium 94-102 90-98
L large 102-110 98-106
XL extra large 110-118 107-119
XXL extra extra large 118-129 119-131
XXXL extra extra extra large 129-141 131-143

03 Apr, 2015