This gas calculator estimates how much gas you need for your trip and the cost of your journey by taking account of your conditions. Below the form you can discover more on this topic and an example calculation.

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How does this gas calculator work?

This is a useful tool for all those interested how much gas they need for their trip or to estimate the cost of that trip. The gas calculator takes account of the following information in order to estimate fuel consumption or the distance to travel at a certain budget:

  • Currency – can be chosen between USD, EURO, GBP,JPY
  • Consumption – car efficiency expressed by gallons per 100 miles or liters per 100km
  • Price – per gallon or per liter

The above three fields are compulsory for any calculation, then the calculator offers two ways to direct calculations further:

- Calculating cost of trip given the miles or kilometers distance

- How much distance can be traveled within a certain budget

Example of a calculation

Currency: USD

Mileage: gallons per 100 miles 3.5

Price per gallon: 2.50

Calculate trip cost by: distance: 4500 miles.

Result: “Your 4,500 miles road trip will cost you about USD 394 in fuel, based on an efficiency of 4 Gallons per 100 miles and a total fuel volume of 158 gallons.
(Your fuel cost per miles will be about USD 0.09)”

22 Mar, 2015