This leadership quiz is designed to check whether you have the qualities it takes to be a great leader and see which of the basic skills you might be missing. You can read below the form more on the difference between leaders and managers and what should the first keep in mind.

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How does this leadership quiz work?

This is an extensive assessment of the skills needed by a great leader. It comprises of 60 sentences that cover the main areas of interest in the leadership qualities and the user is asked to choose the situations that best match his or her experience and point of view. There are sentences that cover most territories of leader like skills, from innovation, risk taking, stress management, emotional intelligence, ability to delegate, building efficient teams or stimulating and motivating others. Once the choices are selected, there will be a result displayed with a percentage that states the leadership skills level and an interpretation of what that means.

How to define leadership?

Leaders are seen differently in every culture and can be defined according to their area of expertise, either that we are talking about business, political or community leaders. In time there have been models proposed to try and define it, such as the transformational leadership model, one of the first to attempt deciphering a leader. On a short try, leadership represents the ability of an individual to lead other people, to show vision and motivate them into accomplishing the said vision.

Leader vs Manager

There are many contradictions concerning the terms leadership and management and they are sometimes misunderstood as the same concept for leading and empowerment. There are however important differences between the two approaches and these are put in the following table.

Leaders Managers
Innovate and build Expect tasks
Ask what and why Ask how and when
Think long term Have short term objectives
Elaborate systems Maintain systems
Bring principles Form policies
Challenge Solve problems
Focus on people Focus on Structure
Are trusted Rely on authority
Empower people Instruct people

Leadership is made of…

Here are some of the main leadership skills that any person attempting to reach such a position should be aware of and start building them.

  • Ability to explain their vision and inspire others

  • Being able to motivate others and keep them focused

  • Ability to coach and build efficient teams

  • Showing strong principles

  • Ability to manage risk and change

  • Bringing and leading new opportunities

  • Having a long term vision

  • Ability to switch between leadership styles

04 Jan, 2015