This learning styles quiz discovers you learning way and asks you to answer some relevant questions to show if you are visual, acoustic or kinetic. Discover more about these educational methods and how you can be better at any of them below the form.

Please check what describes you best!

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1. When you recall something, what comes in mind first?
2. How do you react when you have to learn something new?
3. Are you a technical or artistic person?
4. How do you interact with others?
5. What is your preferred method to revise?
6. Where can you best concentrate?
7. How do you react when you have to imagine something?

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8. What is your type of relaxation?
9. Are you able to interpret the emotions of others?
10. What kind of presentation do you prefer?
11. Which one of these games would you prefer?
12. How would you explain something to another person?
13. Which one of these would you be interested to learn?
14. Would you consider yourself an observant person?

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15. How do you best assimilate new information?
16. Do you take notes during lectures or meetings?
17. What kind of work do you prefer to read?
18. Are you able to focus on reading in public places?
19. How do you react when you have to follow instructions?
20. Where do you prefer to get your news from?
21. How do you understand new concepts?

How does this learning styles quiz work?

The above test is designed to show you what kind of learner you are from the three styles model. You are being asked to answer a series of questions that relate to life like situations you might experience and you need to choose which one of the answers suits your approach most. You will be then given a result stating the predominant way in which you learn as well as a brief description of what that suggests about you.

The visual style learners are fine observers of the world around them and can recall vivid images. They prefer to assimilate facts rather than concepts and work with mind maps, graphs and all kinds of colorful schemes. They are organized people who need to work in a tidy environment, otherwise they get distracted. They are quick to notice any kind of detail and are stimulated by photographs and videos. They need to have information present in some sort of expressive manner and are great fans of digital learning environments.

The acoustic style learners are the ones you find thinking out loud. They need to discuss the concepts they have to learn and enjoy interacting with other people. They recall what has been said and are quick to notice any sound changes. At the same time, they are pretentious with the places they can focus because they need perfect quiet as they get easily distracted by noise, although some can learn with background music. They can focus in more places at once and enjoy story telling and listening to others.

The kinetic style learners are the ones constant movement that prefer to experiment and put everything to practice. They assimilate best when they can resort to real like examples and prefer to work with others. They are very attentive to gestures and are quick to get bored if the subject is not attractive enough for them so they need lively presentations to capture their interest.

14 Jan, 2015