This left brain right brain quiz helps you see how your brain works and which side is more dominant so you can know if you are creative or logically oriented. Read more on the functions of the brain below the form.

Please check what describes you best!

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1. Do you prioritize your activities?
2. Do you consider yourself a creative person?
3. What is your attitude towards rules?
4. Are you retrospective or present oriented?
5. Are you capable of recognizing others emotions?
6. Do you have an interest in psychology or humanities?
7. Have you tried learning a foreign language?
8. Do you follow instructions?
9. Are you a logic or intuitive thinker?
10. What kind of approach do you have?
11. Do you consider yourself a patient person?

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12. What is your attitude towards sports?
13. Are you interested in art or technology?
14. Are you attentive to details?
15. Do you remember faces or names?
16. Do you have any artistic talents?
17. Are right handed or left handed?
18. Do you use schemes or doodle?
19. What is your attitude towards time?
20. What is your work routine?
21. Do you consider yourself an orderly person?
22. What kind of games do you prefer?
23. Do you find it easy to describe how you feel?

How does the left brain right brain quiz work?

Wouldn’t it be nice to find out how your brain functions and which of the sides is more dominant so you have an explanation of why you are behaving the way you do, why you make the choices you do and even why you seem to learn and have an application towards certain things but no talent with others?

The left brain right brain quiz will ask you the right questions so you can quickly discover what your brain prefers. Once you answer the 24 relevant questions you will receive a percentage result that reveal which is the predominant side and a brief explanation of what that means for you.

What is the left brain in charge of?

This is the logical and organized part in ourselves, this is where reasons stands and where we analyze and develop arguments in explaining what is going on around. This is the side helping us to learn a foreign language, do our best at math in school and remember names of people we briefly meet or different facts.

Left brain dominance

- Logic

- Numbers

- Reasoning

- Awareness

- Prioritizing

- Analytical thinking

- Being organized

- Practicality

- Time management

- Structured

What is the right brain in charge of?

This is the creative part in ourselves, where we understand the hidden meaning of images, where we listen to our intuition, react on impulse and organize everything in our own day dreaming personalized system. This is where we come in touch with our feelings, where we retrospect and where any artistic act we come in contact with resonates.

Right brain dominance

- Emotional

- Spontaneity

- Relaxation

- Meaning

- Retrospective

- Holistic thinking

- Imagination

- Creativity

- Reading emotion

- Recognizing faces

16 Jan, 2015