This mental age quiz will ask you a few questions about your life perceptions and what you feel about certain things in order to reveal your actual mental age.

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What is your current age?*
What do you think is your mental age?*
1. How do you feel about traveling?
2. How do you feel about birthdays?
3. Do you have a good control over your emotions?
4. How do you see romantic relationships?
5. What do you think about your relationships with your friends?
6. Do you have a habit of eating fruits or vegetables?
7. What do you think about sweets and treats?
8. What do you think of all this technology nowadays?
9. Are you interested in politics?
10. What is your attitude towards money?

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11. What is your attitude towards the environment?
12. How do you feel about reading or research?
13. How do you feel about your career?
14. How interested are you in your health?
15. How much do you care about the way you look?
16. What is your attitude towards alcohol consumption?
17. How much do you care about your home?
18. What kind of nightlife do you have?
19. Are you familiar with the current news and events?
20. What is your attitude towards growing old?
21. What kind of relationship do you or did you have with your parents?
22. How do you feel about waking up in the morning?

How does the mental age quiz work?

As in any kind of questionnaire, you will be asked to answer to 22 questions, each having three different choices of answers. You will also be asked to provide your current chronological age and also a presumption of how old you think you are mentally.  Once you finish with the mental age quiz you will be given the value of the mental age and also the difference between that and what you thought it was. What makes this quiz different from all the others online? Well, it covers in its questions some of the most important areas of life and takes into account major controversies that spark conflicts between generations so it can appropriately work out the age your mind has through your opinions on these subjects.

What is really mental age?

As nowadays there are many quizzes and tests on the internet that try to assess one’s mental age, these are quite a different model from the first mental age concept. The real model puts this in connection with intelligence and the IQ. It was implemented as a mean to test children’s intelligence and compare it with others and this is the actual mental age meaning.

Areas to focus for mental age discovery

- Appearance - Finance
- Birthdays - Health
- Career - Mornings
- Development - Nightlife
- Diet - Politics
- Emotions - Relationships
- Environment - Technology
- Family - Travel

What types of age are there?

  • Chronological/ Biological age – the sum of the time that has passed since our birth, counted in years and sometimes accompanied by the months that have passed after a certain birthday (especially for children e.g. five years and three months.)
  • Mental age – commonly referred to when discussing one’s depth of perceptions or thoughts and could refer to the age one could have according to these attributes. This value can be higher or lower than the chronological age.
  • Emotional age – similar to mental age, refers to the age one appears to have according to the emotional response and perception that person has.

02 Jan, 2015