This midlife crisis quiz assesses whether you are suffering or not of a midlife crisis and in what degree you are affected by this modern middle age affection. You can read more on this subject and discover some of the most common signs below the form.

Instruction: Please answer all the questions in the four sections below!

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How old are you?

Which is your social status?

Has anyone ever mentioned you might be going through a midlife crisis?

Do you feel like you are in search of an undefinite goal?

Do you feel you would like to run away from everything?

Do you often feel discontent because of the way you live?

Are you filled with frustration for goals you haven't achieved?

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Do you feel the need to be attractive to younger people?

Do you desire to have a passionate relationship?

Do you feel like you have no idea whom you are anymore?

Do you often think about the purpose of life and death?

Do you compare your abilities to those of younger people?

Do you often notice the achievements of younger people?

Did you start purchasing expensive and unusual items you don't really need?

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Have you experienced a change of habits and music taste?

Do you feel you are up to date with technology?

Do you pressure your children to achieve goals you haven't?

Are you feeling trapped in your marriage?

Do you feel like you have given your best years to your family?

Do you get bored around people your own age?

Do you hang out with people that are from a different generation?

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Do you experience any shifting to your sleep pattern?

Have you started spending nights out, even more than you used to when you were young?

Have you become interested in loosing weight or getting in shape?

Did you start changing your diet in order to extend your life?

Do you compare your appearance to that of people of your age?

Do you consider you are a lot more careful with your appearance than you used to be?

Do you feel unable to accept and show your real age?

How does this midlife crisis quiz work?

This is a lifestyle quiz designed to assess whether one is undergoing a midlife crisis and if so, to what degree he or she reacts to the changes in their life.

The midlife crisis quiz has 28 quick questions comprised in 4 sections and that you can answer with yes or no that refer to the most common middle age crisis signs. You will then be given a quick interpretation of your situation with a percentage of the chance that you might be suffering a midlife crisis. 

What is the midlife crisis?

The term presented by Elliot Jaques in 1965 was set to explain the transition that some people undergo at around the age of 40-55 in which they become aware of their age and of the fact that they are getting older and that their life might be half way over. This sort of transition can be triggered by life events such as the death of parents, children growing and leaving home, underemployment or lack of interest from the opposite sex. The adult start reassessing his or her achievements and desires to transform his or her way of living by radical changes. Midlife crisis seems to last for about 3-10 year in men and 2-6 years in women and can sometimes transition to depression, a case in which it should be treated.

Signs of a midlife transition

In midlife, people start evaluating their lives, from previous accomplishments to priorities and the quality of their relationships. It is said that women focus more on their role in the family and on the relationships they have with other people while men analyze more their performance and their career success. Here are some of the things most people think about:   

  • Desire to do something adventurous
  • Keeping in touch with technology and internet
  • Improving diet
  • Trying to lose weight or be fit
  • Wanting to feel attractive to younger people
  • Trying to do activities they enjoyed as young people
  • Wanting to lead a simpler life
  • Reminiscing youth episodes
  • Wanting to travel
  • Lying about own age
  • Trying to get in contact with people from their youth
  • Changing the way they dress
  • Thinking of a career change
  • Desire to learn a new skill
  • Comparing with others of similar age

Middle age crisis or depression

Besides the usual stereotyping around this moment in life, describing people who want to relive their youth, that have quit their jobs or left their families to live an adventurous life, there are some serious implications to be discussed as this is not an adapting reaction to ageing and can transition easily to depression. Here are some of the most common signs that would suggest a degree of depression accompanying the midlife crisis stage:

- Changes in sleeping habits, insomnia, fatigue

- Pessimism

- Feelings of low self worth

- Feelings of guilt, remorse

- Changes in eating habits

- Lack of interest

- Suicidal behavior

- Restlessness or anxiety

24 Mar, 2015