This percent off calculator determines the discounted price of an item for sale after applying the percent off from the original value. You can read more about what discount mean and check how they are calculated below the form.

Original price:*
Percent off:

How does this percent off calculator work?

This is a useful tool that can tell you right away the discounted price of an item for sale after the percent off discount is applied to the original sale price. It returns the savings you make due to the percent off, so that you can simulate what discounts best fit your needs.

Before explaining how the percent off calculator works it is important to notice that checking for discounts or for best prices on the market for different items for sale might help you get the same goods and/or services for a smaller amount of money spent. That is why it is important to check and calculate any percent off retailers offer in order to see whether the offer is attractive or not.

The tool above simply does the discount calculation by applying the percent off to the original price and displays the following result:

■ Discounted price (DP), which is the final sale price you have to pay after the percent off is applied by using the following formula:

DP = Original price – (Original price * Percent off).

■ Savings you make (SS) by purchasing the discounted item, in order to find this, the following formula is applied:

SS = Original price – Discounted price.

Example of a calculation

For an original price of $150 and a percent off of 16, the result is:

- Discounted price = $126.00

- Savings you make = $24.00

- Original price = $150.00

When to use it?

You can employ the above calculator whenever you need to compare or search for the highest discounted sale prices, for instance:

■ When there are tricky percentages such as 16, 18 or 38% that aren’t so easily extracted from whole prices.

■ When shopping online specific discounted items, check whether the online shopping store displays the right price considering the advertised percentage discount.

■ Online or offline, check whether the retailers display the right price according to their statements compared to the previous sale price.

■ Last but not least, on Black Friday’s day with the calculator you can check how attractive the discounted prices are compared to the regular offers. Practically you check how much you will save if you purchase the item with the Black Friday’s percent off. The Black Friday is the day when especially within United States, and in general around the world the online retailers offer the highest discounts in a year.

17 Mar, 2015