This sleep quiz checks whether you really suffer from insomnia or other sleep related problems that make you feel tired and doze off during the day. Read more on this subject below the form.

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1. Do you consider you sleep in a comfortable environment?
2. Do you fall asleep easily?
3. Do you eat dinner close to your bed time?
4. Do you twitch your limbs during sleep?
5. Do you drink caffeinated beverages in the evening?
6. Do you suffer from anxiety or high stress?
7. Do you or the person you sleep snore?
8. Has it happened to wake up feeling puffy or dehydrated?
9. Is your lack of sleep affecting your daily activities?
10. Do you wake up feeling more tired than you were when you went to sleep?
11. Do you have any breathing problems that could affect your sleep?
12. Do you feel you are excessively sleepy during the day?

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13. How many hours do you sleep per night?
14. How many nights do you go out or not sleep per week?
15. To what is your sleeping problem related?
16. How well do you consider you sleep?
17. How would you describe your morning sensations?
18. Do you think of your problems while you try to fall asleep?
19. If you are awakened you find it hard to fall asleep again?
20. Do you go to sleep and wake up at similar times?
21. Does it happen to wake up in your sleep?
22. Do you take walks before you go to sleep?
23. Do you have a habit of taking baths before you sleep?
24. Are you under any drugs that could impair your sleep?

How does this sleep quiz work?

This is a useful lifestyle tool designed to draw alarm signals if your sleeping habits are affecting your general health, from any insomnia signs you might experience and anything else that prevents you from having a good sleep or keeps you tired days in a row.

You are asked to answer to a few straight forward question that will not only put your sleeping habits to test but they will also show you which are the areas you should be concerned about. This sleep quiz will then offer you a result comprising of a brief description of your current state and some personalized advice, in concordance to your answers, on what you should remember or try to improve.

Sleeping quality

This should be an indicator of how good is your sleep in regard of the hours you go to sleep, how quickly you fall asleep, the length of your sleep, whether you move or wake up often, whether you are disrupted by snoring or breathing problems and the state you wake up in, the hours and the manner in which you wake up.

What prevents you from having a great sleep?

There are three main categories in which we can put factors that are preventing you from getting a good night sleep.  Here are some of the things you should analyze if you want to test your sleep quality.

Health related Lifestyle related Perceived

- any drug side effects

- insomnia

- muscle twitching

- snoring

- breathing problems

- how many nights you lose

- stress related

- lack of sleep pattern

- caffeine abuse

- hours of sleep

- feeling tired

- dozing off

-  being sleepy during the day

- irritability

Technology vs. sleep

Did you know that latest studies say that you sleep is being affected if you take your mobile devices with you to bed? It seems that reading or playing games before you fall asleep not only stresses your brain but the light will also prevent you from sleeping all right and although you seem to fall asleep peacefully the quality of those hours might not be the best you would normally get taking the mobile device out of the question. This is kind of the updated version of previous studies that have shown that staying in bed during the day because it is comfortable, whether you read, study or work might affect the way your brain perceives that space and ultimately disrupt your sleep at night.

16 Jan, 2015