This tip calculator helps you find out how much to tip for a certain service or what amount of the check should be appropriate at the amount of money you pay. Read more on the culture of tipping in the form below.

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How does this tip calculator work?

If you’ve ever had a hard time figuring how much to tip then this calculator will come in handy, every time you come across this situation. It can help you find out how much to tip for a certain check and the total. If there are more people sharing the check you can also enter the number of persons and the tip calculator will tell you exactly how much money everyone has to pay. The information you are asked to input refers to the check amount, the percentage you want to tip and if there will be a split check and for how many persons in your party.

Example result:

  • Check amount: $140.00
  • Tip amount: $21.00
  • Grand total: $161.00
  • Per person: $53.67

What are tips?

A Tip is also called a Gratuity and represents a sum of money customarily given to workers that offer certain services. The amount of money a tip should consist of is established by different social customs and can be different depending on the location or the service given or expected. Usually the customary tip is a specific range of money or a certain percentage from a bill that can be calculated with the help of a gratuity calculator. People tend to tip for different reasons, first because it is socially expected from them, second to reward a good service and third but not least to make sure they receive the same service the next time they will need it.

But whom should you tip? 

About anyone from the service industry, from restaurant workers to maids, taxi drivers etc. The general rule says you should pay between 10-20% of the check amount. If you are in doubt about whether you should tip or keep wondering "how much should I tip?" you can always ask in advance and be prepared.

This useful tip calculator was created to help you determine how much to tip and will also tell you the final amount of money you have to pay for the service.

If you find yourself in a situation where you can't access the calculator here is a simple way to get the tip. First you need to decide whether you want to tip 10%, 15%, 20% or another percent. A 10% tip is easy to calculate you just need to move the decimal one place to the left. For example, if the check is $45.00 the tip will be $4.50. For the 15% tip you add to the 10% tip its half (10%+5%=15%) so the tip will be $4.50+$2.25=$6.75. For the 20% tip you just double the 10% tip so the tip amount will be $9.00.

Now that you are ready to tip properly the service industry, stop wondering how much to tip hairdresser, waiter, limo driver and others and good luck in encountering only the best services.

12 Dec, 2014