This energy consumption calculator can help you figure out the total electrical power consumption per day, month and year considering all types of appliance in your household.

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How does this total energy consumption calculator work?

This tool allows you calculate the total power consumption in your household by taking into account all types of appliances you or your family use on a daily basis.

In order to do that first you have to select each appliance and then specify the power consumption and the average number of hours it is being used per day.

Please note that this energy consumption calculator allows users to add as many appliances as required by simply pressing the ADD+1 button. To facilitate the calculation process, it comes with a predefined list of appliances having by default an average estimated consumption in watts and the possibility to input a customized value of power consumption for each either in watts or kilowatts.

The formulas used are:

■ In case the power consumption is specified in watts (W) the daily energy consumed by a specific appliance is determined by this equation:

AEC(kWh/day) = AP(W) * AT(h/day) / 1000(W/kW)

■ If the power consumption is specified in kilowatts (KW) the daily energy consumed by a specific appliance is calculated this way:

AEC(kWh/day) = AP(W) * AT(h/day)

■ The daily energy consumption for each appliance is then summed to obtain the figure of the total daily power consumption:

TECper day = AEC1 + AEC2 + … + AECn

■ The monthly, respectively the annual total energy consumption in household is estimated this way:

TECper month =TECper day * 30

ECper year =TECper day * 365


AP = power consumption for a specific appliance

AT = Hours of use per day for one appliance

13 Aug, 2015