This weight converter allows you to make any common weight conversion such as ounces to grams, kilograms to pounds reverse and many others. Below the form you can find more on this topic.


How does this weight converter works?

Whether you are worried about your weight and try to figure out how many stones, pounds, ounces or kilograms to lose, whether you are in some foreign country and need to convert weight in order to figure out the right weight you should buy specific product the weight converter is the right tool for your needs.

This useful tool allows you to make any common weight conversion such as: convert Ounces to Grams, convert Grams to Ounces, Kilograms to Pounds, Pounds to Kilograms, Grams to Pounds, Pounds to Grams, Ounces to Pounds, Pounds to Ounces, Kilograms to Stones, Stones to Kilograms, Stones to Pounds.

It has 6 data input fields designed for weight conversion for the most common weight conversion units. In order to switch between different weight units you just have to go to the right field where is the weight unit you know, input ONLY that field with the weight value, press "Convert" button then the converter will make the conversion to all the other weight units and display the conversion for each unit in its own input field.

All you have to do is input the value you want to convert within the right cell representing the weight unit you know then the weight converter will do the math and return you the conversion in the other weight units.

Example of a calculation table

From/to Kg g oz lbs st.
Kg 12 0.1 1.700972 54.43111 63.5029
g 12000 100 1700.972 54431.11 63502.9
oz 423.2873 3.527394 60 1920 2239.998
lbs 26.45546 0.220462 3.75 120 139.9999
st. 1.889677 0.015747 0.267857 8.571437 10

19 Mar, 2015