This are you a good kisser quiz will reveal whether you know how to kiss or even if you are an expert in kissing through some simple questions. Read more on this subject below the form.

Instruction: Please answer all the questions in the four sections below!

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Do you enjoy kissing? How many people have you kissed? Were you ever complimented for your kisses? Are you nervous when kissing someone the first time? What do you do with your hand during kissing? Do you close your eyes while kissing? Did it ever happen for you to try to kiss someone and be refused?

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Has anyone ever told you that you are a great kisser? The perfect kiss for you is… What do you think of movie kisses? Do you kiss in public? Do you need to feel something in order to kiss someone? Do you enjoy kissing on the cheeks and neck as well? Do you like to try new things when kissing?

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Do you consider yourself a good kisser? How was your first kiss? What do you think of French kissing? Do you have a habit of testing your breath before kissing? What do you think of kissing someone with braces? Can you tell if someone likes you from a kiss? How do you feel at the prospect of a kiss?

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Have you ever left anyone speechless after you kissed? Do you kiss from the first date? Do you ever use breath mints or gum? Have you ever practiced kissing on your hand or with friends? What do you think of kissing a smoker? What kind of kissing style do you think you have? Do you take the lead when kissing?

How does the are you a good kisser quiz work?

This is a simple questionnaire that you need to fill in and answer to some relevant questions that can show what kind of kisser you are. Like many others you sure wondered at some point or another about your kissing skills.

The are you a good kisser quiz is exactly the type of test you would need to determine the answer on your own based on your experience and how you react to a series of particular situations. There are four sections with 7 questions each that ask you about your kissing preferences and various other details that will then determine how good of a kisser you are.

Here are some example of the questions you might meet in the quiz:

  • how many people you’ve kissed
  • what feedback you’ve received after kissing
  • what are your habits related to kissing
  • what do you think of certain types of kisses

Example of a result

“It seems that you are an average kisser and although you are starting to establish your preferences there is still a long road ahead. So keep up the good work and practice with someone that makes your heart spark for better results. And why not come back later and take the quiz again to check your improvements.”

25 Jan, 2015