This awesome love quiz is designed to answer to does he love me or does she love me questions by revealing whether it is true love or not. Discover more on this subject and check an example result below the form.

Instruction: Please answer all the questions in the four sections below!

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Has he/she ever told you he/she was too busy to see you?

Does he/she make eye contact when he/she talks to you?

Does he/she ask you often to repeat things you just said?

Does he/she easily forget about plans you make together?

Has he/she ever cancelled plans with you to be with other people?

Does he/she ask about your studies/job/other activities?

Section 2 of 4

Did he/she accept to meet your family?

Does he/she criticize your behaviour?

Does he/she consider you two have a lot in common?

Do you consider you know enough about him/her?

Do you think he/she is keeping things from you?

Would you consider marrying him/her someday?

Section 3 of 4

Has he/she told you he/she loves you?

Does he/she share with you some of their deepest concerns?

Does he/she tell you about their daily activities?

Does he/she keep their friends and family separate from you?

Has ever happened for him/her to flirt with other persons?

Do you think he/she ever cheated on you?

Section 4 of 4

Do you meet or talk a lot on the phone?

Does he/she try to ensure that you are being happy?

Does he/she ever talk about your future together?

Does he/she get jealous and moody?

Does he/she express his/her feeling through small gifts and surprises?

Finally now: do you honestly think he/she loves you?

How does this awesome love quiz work?

This is a simple tool that tries to analyzes your significant other’s behavior to reveal whether it is true love or not between you two. Actions are more than any words and they also are only indicator that can never lie if assessed carefully.

You need to be totally honest with yourself in order for the quiz to reveal a significant answer though some of the questions may seem rough and not all love and gooey. There are 24 love questions that are organized within 4 sections (each one has 6 love questions). For each of them you need to select the choice that applies in your case and that you feel matches how you are most.

Everyone knows that love can be tricky sometimes and people can be so involved in the matter that they don’t manage to see the real version of their relationships and whether their significant others cares for them the same way they do.

Example of a result

“It is unclear whether your significant other loves you for sure. There are actions in your relationship that are true signs of love and caring while there are also actions that lack of any type of commitment. In case your relationship is still young then you have many more things to discover about your partner and you should probably take your time to see those things in a realistic manner and then try again the Love Quiz to try to incline whether he/she loves you or not. Be patient and attentive to all the signs in your relationship as the true answer will be soon revealed.”

If the awesome love quiz wasn’t enough for you to find whether “does he love me” or “does she love” here are some of the love signs you should be attentive to in order to get your answers:

Attention: The interest of your significant other for what you think or do can never be overrated. So if the person beside you is fully focused to what you have to say and even genuinely wants to find out more, that sure is a love sign.

Lovely staring: You often catch your significant other staring at you with a goofy mesmerized look on his/her face. You might find it funny or annoying but remember people ogle the things they desire and tend to keep prolonged eye contact. What other obvious and easy to spot love sign you want?

Personal space: The way your partner behaves when you are in his or her space can say a lot about the way they feel about you. From accepting your things all over their place to making room for your stuff in their personal world, there is no caution to be taken by a loving partner.

Smallest things: From buying food or beverages you like, paying attention to what movies you like to remembering the places you enjoy spending time in, these little gestures are your top interest and love signal in everyday couple life. Pay attention not to take all these for granted, do your part equally!

Future together: Hearing your partner talk about his or her future plans that also involve you is the highest sign of long term commitment you can receive in words. Someone who envisions his/her whole life with you must sure love you.

24 Jan, 2015