This birthday compatibility test helps you figure out the degree of compatibility between you and the person next to you based on life path number combination. You can read more about how it works and check an example below the form.

Your date of birth:*
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How does this birthday compatibility test work?

This quick tool is a love compatibility test that will reveal to you whether there is any compatibility between you and your loved one based on your life path number combination.

It only requires you to input your birthday and your partner’s birth date and it simply calculates your life path numbers then it checks the love compatibility by life path number. The results displayed by this birthday compatibility test are:

■ The birthday compatibility interpretation – this is the most important information to read because is the love status by life path number. It contains both an overall compatibility as well as a detailed message about the attraction between the two life path numbers;

■ Your life path number as well as your partner’s numerology;

■ Main characteristics for each life number.

Other ways to check if there is something special between you two

Apart from birthday, there are some other unusual and unconventional ways some to check if there is something special between you and your partner. Amogst them we would mention:

■ Testing the degree of compatibility based on blood type;

■ Discovering the compatibility by fish love;

■ Taking a look at the compatibility by Chinese zodiac.

Example test result

Let’s take for instance the analysis between someone born on April 29 1987 and their partner born on May 2 1990. Their result is:

■ Birthday compatibility status: Very compatible!

This proves to be one of the most comfortable matches because number 4, provider and builder by nature is a cautious planner that manages to balance 8's grandiose approach to endeavors. Besides being comfortable one with each other this is a couple that knows how to build for the future, not only for their secure relationship but also for the others around.

■ Your life path number is: 4! Number 4 is characterized by order and steady growth.

■ His or her life path number is: 8! Number 8 is characterized by practical and power seeking.

25 Jan, 2015