This compatibility test reveals how compatible you are with your current partner based on 18 short on point questions about your relationship.

Instruction: Please answer all the questions in the four sections below!

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Do you often smile or laugh because of things you both notice?

Have you proven to each other that you want to spend as much time together as possible?

Does it happen for you two to make plans for the future?

Do you consider you talk openly one to each other?

Do you share many things?

Do both of you put price on the same principles?

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Are there many things that you're afraid might hurt your relationship status?

Does your partner often annoy you?

Do you consider your parter is open to you?

Do you think you had many moments when you've proved your love for each other?

When you two are angry or upset do you quickly forget and reconcile?

Does your partner make you pleasant surprises?

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Are you happy with your role in the relationship?

Do you consider that your relationship is getting better as time passes?

Have you ever thought you needed a break?

Do you often think of each other when you are away?

Do good things often occur when you are together?

Do both of you want to have the same number of children?

How does this compatibility test work?

This simple love test tries to determine how good of a match are you with your current partner or maybe with your crush. Based on the answers you provide in the questionnaire that will carry you in different areas of your relationship, After the questions are answered, by simply pressing the “Get Result!” it will count how many of the love signs are present in your case, then it sums their significance in order to display a percentage together with a short interpretation of the love compatibility status between the two lovers.

This compatibility test has 18 short love questions, organized in 3 sections through which you can analyze what is going on and then receive a brief love status description.  Please note that this tool was made for entertainment purposes only and its results should be treated with a grain of salt.

Example of a message

“Your love compatibility percentage is: 79.87%

Congratulations! Your answers show there is high love compatibility between you two as per today. Keep it the same or even try to find more and more reasons to enjoy each other or to be even happy.”

What is really love compatibility?

This is an association that defines the match or general feeling and proportion in which the relationship brings to both partners the most loving feelings, moments and perspective. The love compatibility is often measured in daily life as an indicator whether the two partners are meant to be together or not. Questioning if he or she is right for you, comes as a natural question since we all want to love and be loved by someone.

26 Jan, 2015