This engagement ring calculator helps you choose the perfect ring for your significant other according your lover’s birth month and preferences. You can discover more on the tradition of having an engagement jewel below the form.

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How does the engagement ring calculator work?

This is a great tool to come to the rescue of those who have difficulties choosing the right engagement ring and don’t know how to choose it. You are going to be asked for the birth month of your lover and then given a recommendation that would suit them thus helping you have the best engagement ring decision. This is an important decision to make and this jewel will be a constant reminder of the love promise and forever commitment.

Example result:

“The one born in June is emotional, bold and creative. The recommended gemstone is the pearl. Pearl is made up of calcium carbonate and the ideal one is perfectly round and smooth. The finest natural pearls have been valued as gemstones for centuries and have become a symbol of class and exquisiteness.”

What are engagement rings and where do they come from?

An engagement ring is a ring indicating that the person wearing it is engaged to be married. This piece of jewelry is traditionally worn by women on the left hand ring finger and can feature diamonds or other gemstones. The woman receives the ring from her future husband, while he makes his marriage proposal, to symbolize commitment to love and honor.

After marriage the engagement ring is usually still worn next to the wedding  band. In the last years fashion has imposed diamond as the perfect stone for these rings, however there are many other alternative gemstones that can be used. To the symbolism of the ring can be added a personalized trait by using a corresponding birthstone as ring gemstone.

A connection between the month of birth and a certain species of gemstones has been created long time ago before the 15th century as it was believed that the wellbeing of a person would come from wearing or having close a certain gemstone. Nowadays the choice between a classic diamond in different cuts or a colorful and personalized gemstone can be difficult to make. Making a decision on this topic is difficult since there is a wide range of engagement ring types and every future bride has her own taste and expectations.

The engagement ring calculator gives you some advice on an adequate birthstone for the promise ring you are interested in. Still, you should note that this advice does not account for any other details apart from the month of birth. That is why the decision on choosing the best engagement ring should be made taking into account many other details, such as the person’s personality or style.

30 Dec, 2014