This great love calculator transforms the name compatibility between you and your loved one in a love percent that shows the success rate of your couple. More on this subject right below the calculation form.

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How does this great love calculator work?

If you’ve ever asked your partner “How much do you love me” or stood at least once asking yourself “How much does he/she love me?” then you are in the right place as this love tool will provide you with an answer based on the name compatibility between you and your partner. Once you input the two names and press calculate you will be given a percentage of success for the couple.

Example result:

Based on the name compatibility, the love story between

Elizabeth and James has: 72% chances to succeed!

The “How much do you love me?” question is hard to be answered by anyone no matter how strong their feelings are and how in love they think they are. The heart and destiny work in complicate ways to bring two people together.

If you are interested in finding even the simplest answer to these questions you can use the name compatibility as an indicator for the connection between two persons. This is what the great love calculator ultimately does.

30 Dec, 2014