This I love you generator expresses your love and affection with the world's most popular sentence in many languages from Japanese to German or Italian. Discover the other languages and what you can do with this generator right below the form.

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How does this I love you generator work?

This is a quick and fun tool that provides you the way to say “I love you” in over 120 languages just at a click distance. You only have to choose the language you prefer and you can generate for as many as you want. You can use your result in small love notes or even in an elaborated love letter.

Example result:

To tell your loved one I love you! in Asturian simply say: Quiérote

Each language has its own way to express feelings of love and affection, each with their own thesaurus of words that offer alternatives for the idea of love, appreciation. The simplest and most popular of all remains the natural I love you. Let’s discover together how some of the world's languages express love. Learn easily how to say I love you in Arabic, Chinese, Indian and even how to say I love you in German, Korean and Italian.

Writers and artists in general have always claimed that love needs no language to express itself and that it uses an universal language of its own with the help of our bodies and gestures. But sometimes in these times of speed we live in, words can be useful for those that are not attentive to the heart's voice.

By using the I love you generator you can surprise the person you love or maybe to get closer to someone you have feelings for, no matter what language they speak.

Nowadays modern means of travel have transformed the world in one territory that can be reached easily at some hours travel so people have become very mobile. It is not a surprise to meet in the same place people from different countries, cultures and speaking different languages. Maybe the person you are destined to be with is from some place else than you and speaks a different language. Be prepared to show your love feelings at anytime.

If saying I love you has become almost a habit between you and your special one, a daily thing to say when saying goodbye or ending a phone conversation you should try these new ways to say it in different languages.

31 Dec, 2014