This is it love quiz reveals if there are any love feelings in your relationship and analyzes the health of your relation based on how you behave. Discover more on this subject and also an example result below the form.

Instruction: Please answer all the questions in the four sections below!:

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Do you consider there is trust in your relationship?

Do you feel like you understand one another without words?

Do you have a lot of things in common?

Do you make each other feel special?

Are you two supportive with each other?

Section 2 of 4

Do you share with each other your concerns?

Do you talk about how your days went?

Do you meet or communicate a lot?

Do you express your feelings openly?

Do you prepare each other surprises or small gestures?

Section 3 of 4

Do you talk about your future together?

Do you get along with each other's families?

Do you believe in the existance of true and unselfish love?

Have any of you ever flirted with someone else?

Has anyone of you ever cheated?

Section 4 of 4

Is there any criticism in your relationship?

Do you respect each other's decisions

Who embraced more of the other's lifestyle?

How important is this relationship for you two?

Does it often happen to change plans last minute?

How does this: is it love quiz work?

This quiz is designed to shed some light on your relationship and see whether it is true love there. Based on the assessment of the way you two behave in some particular situations the questionnaire will reveal how healthy your relationship is and how involved in it each of you is. There are four sections, each one comprising of 5 questions that you need to answer to. Please choose the answer you feel most comfortable with which is usually the first one that comes in mind after checking the choices.

You can use the Is it love quiz to reveal how things are going in your couple. Then if you encounter relationship issues you can use some of the relationship tips below to learn how to fix a relationship and how to avoid unhealthy relationships.

Example of a result

“Congratulations! You have a very healthy relationship in which both you and your partner try to invest as much. There are minor downfalls as in any normal couple but you can overcome any of them when you work together as good as you to do. It is absolutely normal to have some misunderstandings and different opinions but you most likely know how to resolve them. Pay attention though, even the love fire needs to be guarded and cared for so don’t take everything you have for granted and do your best so that your partner know and feel how much you love him/ her while still paying attention that you receive the same amount of attention and caring.”

How to keep your relationship healthy?

Maintaining a healthy relationship is a sensitive subject for all lovers. The first step in approaching this matter is to assess if your relationship is based on true love feelings and mutual understanding and respect. There is also some standard relationship advice and tips on how to have a good relationship at any stage that you can adapt and apply in your own case. Here are some of them:

  • Put effort and interest from the beginning
  • Ensure you stand on common grounds
  • Make sure there is mutual respect
  • Have a clear communication
  • Know as many things about each other as possible
  • Reassess your priorities as a couple together
  • Acknowledge your mistakes and make amends
  • Establish some rules as a couple
  • Agree to disagree and move on
  • Don’t take things for granted
  • Support your partner’s endeavors
  • Make mutual compromises
  • Make sure you send a clear message
  • Listen to each other
  • Refrain from childish comments
  • Accept changes and differences
  • Show what you desire and ask for the same
  • Speak up if something is bothering you
  • Master conflict resolution
  • Respect each other’s privacy
  • Don’t put any outside pressure in
  • Don’t let anyone else influence your decisions
  • Last but not least, treat your partner as you’d like to be treated

25 Jan, 2015