This love calculator provides a full assessment of the compatibility between you and your lover by date or birth, feelings and blood type. Discover more about these compatibility factors below the form.

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How does this love calculator work?

If you ever wondered what is the love compatibility between you and your partner and you were eager to discover it faster and have like an answer predict what is going to happen between you two, then you are in the right place. This love calculator can help you reveal an integrated report of compatibility based on three factors: birth date compatibility, name compatibility and blood type compatibility.

In order to complete the whole calculator you need to go through each tab, fill in the required data such as birth dates of birth, feeling rating or blood groups.

The first tab is designated to test your love compatibility by date of birth and requires you to input only the two birth dates.  After that by clicking the calculate button you will be revealed the love compatibility based on the moment you were each born.

The second tab is designated to get a love percentage expressing the chances that you two are meant to be together based on some love feelings and on name compatibility. All you have to do is input the two names and answer to all the 3 questions by entering in each field a value from 1 to 100 (100 being the highest value you can allocate).

The third tab tries to find whether there is a compatibility between two partners based on blood type compatibility. In this case the love calculator will reveal the blood type compatibility based on the general characteristics of each blood type.

Please remember that there is no scientific proof that the above mentioned tool has accuracy within the results it returns and that in order to test your love compatibility you have to go through each tab separately and see the results for each tab, not all together.

Example result

A) By date of birth:

■ The degree of compatibility between your birth days is not high but don't forget that you two are the ones who make the rules in your relationship and all you need is love.

■ The compatibility test of your birth months showed that the relationship between the two of you will probably be marked by differences.

■ The age difference between the two of you is of 3 years. This can represent both an advantage and a disadvantage. The success depends on your understanding of the differences in your relationship.

B) By feelings and name:

Based on the name compatibility and on the love feelings, there are: 66.40% chances that Danny and Ella are meant to be together!

C) By blood type:

The relationship between the AB woman and the O man respects "the opposites attract" principle. At the same time they manage to complement each other very well. They are different characters by definition but they do match in something, they are both spiritual and warm hearted. O's stability and seriousness is attracted to AB's adaptability and unpredictable behavior. They both need to take time to understand that their differences don't drift them apart but help them grow.

25 Jan, 2015