This love compatibility test shows you how compatible you are with your partner or with someone you’d like a relationship with based on 18 love questions.

Instruction: Please answer all the questions in the four sections below!

Section 1 of 3

Do both of you enjoy every moment you spent together?

Does your partner decide or do things without even asking you?

Is each one of you as attentive with the things of the other as is with his or hers?

Do you have many hobbies in common?

Do you support each other at difficult times?

Do both of you enjoy the things you achieve as a couple?

Section 2 of 3

Does him or her act weird or differently with you when being around acquintances?

Do you feel free to share any secret to him or her?

Is your relationship a long one or a stable one?

Does him or her put value on your future together?

Do you think him or her offers you the respect and love that you need?

Do you think that your partner deserves you?

Section 3 of 3

Do you think that you deserve your partner's love?

Are there many moments when you feel that your partner is not right for you?

Do people around you appreciate your couple?

Do you often talk on the phone during the day?

Did you ever have problems in your relationship because of a third person?

Do you often feel like you can completely be yourself around your partner?

How does this love compatibility test work?

This is an easy way to test how good you match with your partner based on your love relationship experience and background so far. The questionnaire has 3 sections with 6 quick love compatibility questions each, that cover few signs a strong relationship between two lovers.

After the love questions are answered, by simply pressing the “Get Result!” you will receive a short interpretation of the love compatibility status between the two lovers. Please take account of the fact that the love compatibility test was designed for entertainment purposes only and you should take the results as they are with no other assumptions.

Example of a message

“Your love compatibility percentage is: 64.85%

Congratulations! Your answers show there is moderate to high love compatibility between you two, at least for the moment. Improve your relationship where you think you need to do that because it has its chance to become even stronger over time than it is today. It’s all up to you two!”

Signs you are compatible

Here are some of the indicators you can look at and reflect whether you and your partner are a match made in heaven or not.

  • Shared values – from enjoying the same activities, liking the same things to having the same life principles;
  • Being yourself – being able to behave just like you want without fear of being judged;
  • Respect – you know each other and know to respect what each of you does, wants or cares for;
  • Able to disagree – being able to express your own opinions and different views;
  • Enjoy one another – being able to spend time together doing routine activities or nothing and still feel great about each other;
  • Natural rhythm – every encounter or conversation seems to go at its own without any of you stressing to keep things moving; this also applies to you two moving to next stages of your relationship;
  • Making eye contact – although it might seem weird, making eye contact often is a sign of comfort and trust;
  • Having each other’s back – being able to support the other person in their activities;
  • Time together – you are able to enjoy and laugh together and time seems to fly by.

25 Jan, 2015