This love definition tester will show you how simple choices you take can say so much about the way you love and define who you are. Discover more on this subject and check an example result below the form.

Which of these gifts you would like to receive?

How does this love definition tester work?

This is a fun love tool that tries to provide an instant definition of the way you love based on a simple choice you make, like the one of a present. To define love can be difficult and most of us have wondered at some point how we could define those feelings that have taken over us.

Imagine your birthday is coming, or maybe an anniversary in your relationship. What kind of gift would you like to receive? The love definition tester will give you some love gift choices and then will reveal the way you are romantically according to your ideal gift expectation. So what kind of present or activity would you like to be rewarded with on a special occasion, by your significant other? Do you have any idea what your choice might say about the way you behave in love?

Love definition

In order to define the feeling of love we could look in the dictionary and find the traditional meaning of a feeling that is profound, a feeling of human attachment towards a certain person.

Each one of us that has ever experienced such a feeling could probably come with such a love definition more or less personalized. But how about the way we love? Could we describe the kind of lovers we are?

Example of a result

“Choosing the occasion to travel, as the preferred gift to receive from your significant other, on a special occasion, shows that you are an adventurous lover. You prefer to get a higher benefit from all the activities in your relationships so you will never do the same thing twice with a partner. You are an enthusiastic lover who can get bored and distracted easily but can also be there for your lover whenever they need you.”

25 Jan, 2015