This love meter reveals your love compatibility based on birth date, name compatibility and love feelings and shows it to you in a percentage. You can read more on this subject and see how it works below the form.

Enter your gender, your name and his/her name as well as the two dates of birth!
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How does this love meter work?

This is a quick tool that tries to discover whether there is enough love compatibility between you and your partner or someone you are interested in so that things can work out between you two. You are asked to input your gender, date of birth and name while you have to do the same for the person you are testing with. So make sure you know your partner’s birthday.

You are then asked to rate how much you love that person on a scale from 1 to 100 and think of how much you might be loved on the same scale. Once you have all the information set, the love meter will show you the compatibility percentage in your case. Remember that you can make as many scenarios as you like with any data but the above form was designed for entertainment purposes only and there is no scientific proof of accuracy within the results and you should not act on them deliberately.

Example of a result

Let’s take for instance the case of a female called Samantha, born on February 15 1991 who is in love with Marcus who is born on June 23 1990. She rates that she loves him on a scale from 1 to 100 at around 70 at the moment while she thinks he loves her at around 50. The result for them is 72.16% chances for them to be happy together.

25 Jan, 2015