This love quiz will tell your love characteristics and romantic expectations based on a simple animal love test that will make you think of your feelings.

Instruction: Please answer all the questions in the two sections below!

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If you could be an animal, which one of these four would you choose?
Imagine that the end of world is coming and you can save only one animal. Which of these four you’d choose?
If one of these animals could speak, which one would you like it to be?
Which of these you would choose to take with you on a deserted island?

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If you could tame animals, which one would you like to keep as a pet?
Which animal would you choose to be for a few minutes?
Which one of these species would you like to make disappear?

How does this love quiz work?

This is a simple seven question fun love test that is set to reveal the love characteristics of an individual. All you have to do is choose an animal to each of the questions and then read the complete description of what your answers reveal.

Choose what you feel is right for you and you will be amazed be amazed how good the love quiz can read into your love life because each of the questions represents a certain meaning and triggers a discussion about a certain part of your behavior in love. Although it may seem that they have nothing to do with love, these questions are specially designed to access your subconscious and reveal your love characteristics. All of the choices reveal a part of your love personality.

Example of a result

This is a part of the result you should expect to receive, there are also the meanings of each one of these sentences in the result you will get but those were avoided here in order not to spoil the surprise or temper with your choices in the quiz if you’d know what each of the sentences really meant.

  • The cat shows elegance and style.
  • The horse suggests someone who is independent, original and free spirited.
  • The rabbit reveals you want a relationship in which to feel loved and cared for.
  • The cow suggests that you will try not to cheat on your partner.
  • The polar bear shows that you are somewhat afraid that marriage will change your life.
  • The lion suggests that you crave love but are not willing to share your heart.
  • The shark reveals you might be annoyed by your partner's insecurities.

25 Jan, 2015