This love reading shows you what your love feelings are based on a better version of the teenage paper game that you can easily complete. Read more on the paper game upon which this tool is based below the form.

Please fill in the blanks below with the names of 5 persons you know and the titles of 4 songs that come in mind and then check the results for the Love Reading!
Opposite sex name 1:*
Opposite sex name 2:*
Name of any person 1:*
Name of any person 2:*
Name of any person 3:*
Song title 1:*
Song title 2:*
Song title 3:*
Song title 4:*

How does this love reading work?

This is a love tool based on the teenage “Paper Game” that aims to be its online version now put in quick and simple reading. Many teenagers in all generations have used it to reveal their love feelings and the way their mind thinks in this respect and so should you. This funny love game requests the player to use pen and paper and write nine items, 5 names and 4 song titles. Then they need to read the significance of each of the names and song titles to reveal what each of them means.

Once you get your own love reading you can use the paper game and test your friends. This way not only it is easier for you to write everything up but will also relieve you from remembering all the things the nine items in the love reading mean. Once you click on the results button you will understand how the whole thing goes and which is the meaning for each of the names and song titles used.

You can use it to make your own love reading and reveal what your mind is up to and then get personalized love readings for your friends and amaze them with this quick insight in their minds and feelings.

Example of a result

Let’s say we input the data in the following table:

Opposite sex name 1 Andrew
Opposite sex name 2 Michael
Name of any person 1 Casey
Name of any person 2 Sam
Name of any person 3 Jocelyn
Song title 1 Forever young
Song title 2 Desert rose
Song title 3 Survivor
Song title 4 Teen heart

The result will be similar with:

“Andrew represents the person you love while Michael represents the person you like or lust for but don't really get along with. You chose Casey as the person you care most for. Sam is the person who knows you best while Jocelyn is your lucky star. Forever young is the song that matches you with Andrew and Desert rose suggests the relationship you have with Michael. Survivor tells most about your life while Teen heart reveals how you deal with life.”

There are also other love paper games like MASH, Lemons, True love, Flames that reveal your hidden thoughts or the love compatibility between two persons, some of which you can find in an online version ready for you here in the Love section of the website.

25 Jan, 2015