This love test by color reveals whether your favorite color is an indicator for your personality and reads more into your life preferences. Discover more on these matches below the form and read one of the example results.


How does this love test by color work?

This is a simple tool to help you find out whether your favorite color could be an indicator of your personality? If you’ve ever heard of color personality readings then you should already know how useful it is to find out information about yourself simply through an instinctual choice you make.

The love test by color provides you with a reading of how you behave in love according to your favorite color choice. All you have to do is choose the hue you prefer, be spontaneous, stay with the first one that comes in mind and then press test. You can even use it to assess your partner’s behavior in love easily and in a discreet manner because all you need is to know their favorite color.

Here are the quick guidelines of the types of lovers according to color readings.

  • Those who prefer white are neat, sensible and romantic lovers.
  • Those who prefer silver are intuitive and emotional lovers.
  • Those who prefer yellow are enthusiastic and optimistic lovers.
  • Those who prefer gold are pretentious and passionate lovers.
  • Those who prefer orange are attractive, charming and loyal lovers.
  • Those who prefer red are passionate, stubborn and lively lovers.
  • Those who prefer pink are sociable and romantic lovers.
  • Those who prefer purple are sophisticated and passionate lovers.
  • Those who prefer navy are refined and affectionate lovers.
  • Those who prefer blue are conservative and loyal lovers.
  • Those who prefer cyan are open minded and spirited lovers.
  • Those who prefer green are practical and enthusiastic lovers.
  • Those who prefer olive are gentle and peaceful lovers.
  • Those who prefer brown are calm, down to earth and reliable lovers.
  • Those who prefer grey are cautious and observant lovers.
  • Those who prefer black are independent and strong willed lovers.

Example of a message

“Those who prefer gold are elegant and passionate. They are magnetic and attractive to a lot of people but they are very pretentious when it comes to settling to someone. They are used to appreciate the pleasures of life and they are not very interested in what they leave behind. They are people of movement and progress and only those who can keep up with them stand a chance.

Gold brings sophistication and it sure explains the kind of romance these people aim for and the kind of persons they are attracted to. They are sometimes controlling and domineering but they can also accept when their significant other is right. These people are usually successful in life and their luck in love is just another part of the package. Although they are extremely attractive, they are great judgers of character and have high expectations from those around them so they usually are very picky.”

25 Jan, 2015