This love tester returns a love percentage between you and your loved one that works as a love prediction based on your name compatibility. Discover more about it plus an example of result below the form.

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How does this love tester work?

This is a quick tool that reveals you a love percentage between you and your loved one, to stand as a prediction to how good your relationship might be and how many chances you have to stay together. The love tester is based on the name analysis of the two partners. You just have to spend few seconds entering the two names, you can either use your first names or the full names and then after you press “Test your love” you will receive your answer.

Please take account that the love tester is made for entertainment purposes and that it does not take account of any feelings between the two partners. The feelings between two lovers matter most, but the above form was designed to test the name compatibility and see whether their names match as well or not.

Example of a result

If it were to calculate the compatibility between Annabel and Jameson, the result would be 82.84%. It means they have great chances to get along and their couple to be successful.

Do you feel the result reflects your situation? Why not share your discovery with everyone in the comments below.

25 Jan, 2015