This love tester by date of birth offers you a prediction of the love percentage between you and your significant other based on your birth dates. You can read more on this subject and check and example result below the form.

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How does this love tester by date of birth work?

This love tool will quickly deliver you a love percentage between you and the person you are testing it for. You only have to enter the two date of births so make sure you know when your crush or even partner is born. Once you press test you will receive the love percentage that can show you whether you two are a match or not and whether your prospective relationship has any chances to succeed.

The love tester by date of birth reveals whether there is a change that your love is strong or not and is based on a funny formula that has no scientific proof. Please remember that the form above is made for entertainment purposes only and that it does not take account of any feelings between the two partners and the way they interact, elements that are crucial to the success of any relationship.

Example of a result

Let’s take for instance a female born on January 27 1990 who is interested to know how great of a match is her boyfriend, whose date of birth is March 15 1988. The result for her is 85.72%!

24 Jan, 2015