This love or money quiz aims to reveal you what you care more for, is it love or is it money. Answer to all those fun questions and see what they have to say about you. Check more about the structure and algorithm of the quiz below the form.


How does this love or money quiz work?

This is a quick and fun assessment that can reveal whether you are more in love with love or money! There are three sections with questions you need to honestly answer to and that have a potential to show you how you really are when it comes to romance or material value.

The love or money quiz goes beyond the classical questions like would you marry for love or money and tries to put you in front of choice you get to make in real life and then tell you what those really tell you about your deepest thoughts.

There are three sections in the quiz and what is very special about it is that the last two sections are customizable according to your gender and age segment.

Therefore once you complete the fist two fields, Gender and Age and the five questions and you move to the next section you will receive dedicated content for your gender and age so you can relate to the quiz to the fullest extent and so the reading to be as accurate as possible.

The result you are going to get once the quiz is finished will reveal whether you care more for love or money or you are amongst the very few with a balanced view in this regard.

27 Mar, 2015