This quick compatibility test shows you if there is any compatibility between you and your partner and if so, how compatible are you two. You can see an example of a result below the form and discover more about the assessment criteria used.

Instruction: Please select all the statements that best apply to you, from each of the 5 sections below:

Emotional Compatibility (Section 1 of 5)

Sexual Compatibility (Section 2 of 5)

Intellectual Compatibility (Section 3 of 5)

Spiritual Compatibility (Section 4 of 5)

Important Signs Compatibility (Section 5 of 5)

How does this quick compatibility test work?

This is a simple and easy to complete tool that aims to discover how much compatibility is there between you and your partner or loved one. It only requires you to choose the statements that best apply in your case form the list provided then by simply pressing the “Get results” button the quick compatibility test will return six compatibilities according to the criteria used in the sections above.

Here are the evaluated areas and their possible outcomes:

  • Emotional compatibility status
  • Sexual compatibility status
  • Intellectual compatibility status
  • Spiritual compatibility status
  • Important signs compatibility status

It simply counts the statements that were chosen to describe the relationship status and then by case it returns one of the corresponding statuses as presented below:

For compatibility per each aspect assessed the statuses that can describe a relationship are:

  • Not compatible
  • Little compatible
  • Somewhat compatible
  • Moderately compatible
  • Good compatibility
  • Great compatibility
  • Amazingly compatible

Example of a test result

  • Overall status: Moderate compatibility.
  • Emotional status: Great compatibility.
  • Sexual status: Somewhat compatible.
  • Intellectual status: Little compatibility.
  • Spiritual status: Good compatibility.
  • Important signs status: Good compatibility.

25 Jan, 2015