This relationship test is designed to give insight whether your relationship is beneficial for you or not through some elaborated questions. Discover more on this subject and check an example result bellow the form.

Instruction: Please answer to all questions!

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Do you consider you and your partner have a lot of things in common?

Does your partner support all your decisions?

Do you think your partner would give up everything to be with you?

Do you think your partner is honest with you?

Do you feel you are a better person when you're with your partner?

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Does your partner want to change anything about the way you look or behave?

Does your partner criticize you?

Does your partner keep their family and friends separate from you?

Has your partner ever cheated on you?

Is your partner worried or tries to help you when you face problems?

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Do you ever have to sacrifice what you want in order to please your partner?

Do you feel free to discuss future plans with your partner?

Has your partner ever pressured you to do something you didn't want to?

Has your partner ever pressured you to give up seeing your family or friends?

Has your partner ever pressured you into having intimate relations?

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Have any of you used ultimatums to get something from the other person?

Has your partner ever hurt you physically?

Has your partner ever done or said anything to hurt your feelings?

Do you often argue with your partner?

Do you feel your partner is emotionally abusive to you?

How does this relationship test work?

This is a love life test aiming to analyze whether your relationship with your current partner is healthy for you and whether you are respected and supported to grow. Here you might find an answer to a question many find themselves asking: “Is he right for me?” or “Is she right for me?”

It is very hard to define a good relationship or what are the things that make a relationship be successful, however there are some things that should and some things that shouldn’t happen in a relationship considered beneficial for both partners. You can find some of them in the 4 sections of the relationship test that each have 5 questions you need to answer to that will reflect this love behavior. Each choice has its own significance within the final relationship status results.

Example of a result

“According to your answers, you seem to be in quite a happy relationship although there may be some things you are unhappy about. Please consider the things that cause you distress and whether there is a solution to them. You should turn to your partner and start a communication line regarding those issues. You should also think about yourself and about the reasons you are staying in this relationship. Don’t forget that a successful relationship is based on mutual respect and understanding and sometimes people are better off single than in the company of a person who can hurt them or set them back from achieving their potential.”

Healthy relationship tips

A good relationship is very hard to define. No one can tell you which are the things that lead to the success of a relationship. Still there are also some elements of common sense that should exist in any partnership between two people, especially if love feeling are involved. Here are some of the things you should respect and be on lookout for if you desire to maintain a good relationship with your partner.

Building on solid grounds means you should pay attention to all the signals at the beginning and try to get to know each other properly. Beginnings are the moment to build healthy patterns and set some sort of rules and how you should behave one with each other and learn to respect each other.

Small gestures can mean a lot when done at the right time so don’t forget to surprise your partner from time to time or support them in their endeavors.

Acknowledging mistakes can be the best apology so make sure you both are ready to admit when you are wrong and make things work out.

Responsibility in a couple should cover both your actions so you need to be able to rely on each other.

Conflict out of the way, it is all right to have different opinions and you should both let the other one have his or her say but there is also a point where you need to reach a compromise that you are both comfortable with.

Talk, talk…talk as you probably know communication is essential but if you are talking to each other all the time and also maintain contact through social media it might not be enough. You need to feel free to express your views and talk about your feelings.

Clarify what each one of you wants from the relationship and move past that point, there should be no need for reassessments along the way.

Listen to what your partner has to say and make sure they are also truly attentive to you.

25 Jan, 2015