This love compatibility test analyzes in a percentage the love compatibility between you and your significant other in a fun prediction. You can read more on this subject and discover a prediction example below the form.

Enter your gender, your name and his/her name as well as the two dates of birth!
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How does this love compatibility test work?

This is a simple love tool that will put your relationship to test or even analyze whether you have any chances of a match with your crush. The love compatibility test will offer you a funny love percentage on how will your love be like based on the date of birth compatibility and on the name compatibility and an overall description.

Please remember that the above form uses a formula that has nothing to do with science to return the percentage and that you should use it for entertainment purposes only as it doesn’t account for any existing feelings between the persons put to test.

Example of a message

Let’s take for instance Thomson who is born on May 24 1986 and is interested to see how compatible he is with his girlfriend Selena whose date of birth is August 11 1990. The result for them based on dob and name compatibility is 75.90%!

25 Jan, 2015